Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Getting Management Buy-In

April 19, 2017 - The buy-in and support of executive leadership are critical to the success of every effort. Whether you're just establishing a business continuity or disaster recovery plan or changing or adding to it, you know that you have to convince top management to support it. How do you do that? This week's articles discuss the many aspects of getting management buy-in.

It is becoming increasingly apparent that the nature of the business continuity plan development process and regulatory requirements demand a more integrated participation level by management. (Item #1)    how do you sell the plan and get the management buy-in that is so critical to business continuity? (Item #2)    Try these five steps for building executive buy-in of your organizational resilience management program. (Item #3)

When you're seeking management approval, there are four potential benefits of business continuity programs you should consider. (Item #4)    Getting the C-suite's attention is difficult---to say nothing of support and buy-in. (Item #5)    There is little point attempting to be crisis-ready when the core individuals responsible for managing a crisis will not know what to do. (Item #6)

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