Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Testing and Exercising your Business Continuity Plan

Your business continuity plan may be backed by good technology and written documentation, but unless it's brought out and tested every now and then, there is still a risk that everything may not work as it should when a real emergency does occur. Think of it as a parachute… you have to know you can trust it! The articles below can help you plan, prepare for, and conduct BC exercises.

An exercise’s effectiveness has a direct correlation to the amount of planning and preparation completed beforehand. (Item #1) If your exercise is not uncovering problems, you may not be doing it right. (Item #2) Things will get fairly hectic during a typical large-scale disaster recovery exercise. As an observer, what must you know? (Item #3)

Playing the role of an attacker can make your team better at defense. (Item #4) Looking for a good plot line for your next BCP exercise? (Item #5) There were a number of lessons learned in the three exercises described here. (Item #6)

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