Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Testing Your Business Continuity Plan

Training and testing are the keys to the success of any continuity or disaster recovery plan. A plan simply can’t be relied on to work properly unless it has been tested before it is actually implemented during an emergency. Practicing emergency response helps ensure that the plan will work as expected in an actual emergency. In addition, exercising the plan can reveal problems or weaknesses in the plan and identify need changes. This week’s articles offer ideas about testing and exercising your plan.

What is required to ensure that an exercise is effective? (Item #1) The development and implementation of the functional exercise program will help ensure you’re ready when the next disaster strikes. (Item #2) Are you testing all of your plan at least some of the time? (Item #3)

Just how ready is your disaster recovery plan? (Item #4) In the event of a disaster, a backup provider should be able to restore all data within 48 hours. (Item #5) Business continuity plans should be tested and updated regularly to ensure that they are up to date and effective. (Item #6)

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