Monday, June 13, 2011

Meetings and Events

Anyone who's ever planned or managed an event knows that things go wrong. No matter how well you plan, how careful you are, some things just are not in your control. For this reason, you really must have a plan for dealing with the unexpected glitches, disasters and other interruptions that could possibly derail your event. Take some hints on what your plan should include from this week's articles.

Tragedies can happen anywhere, including at your event; have you answered all the “what if” questions? (Item #1) If you're not familiar with the force majeure clause, this article will help you understanding this important tool. (Item #2) This article reveals what we can learn from the tsunami tragedy in Japan. (Item #3)

If your last off-site meeting was a disaster, here are some tips for a success next time. (Item #4) This conference company provides a look at the top five conference disasters they've dealt with. (Item #5) If a crisis interrupts your meeting, can your organization respond effectively? (Item #6)

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