Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Crisis Communications

Regardless of what you might believe, there IS a crisis in your future... maybe next week or next year or even five years from now... but it's lurking there. The only real uncertainty is whether you'll be ready for it. Will you handle it on the fly? We hope not... and we've selected this week's articles to help you plan for the crisis in your future.

This list of do's and don't's can help you stay ahead of dealing with a crisis and handling it in the best possible way. (Item #1) The basic steps of crisis communications are not difficult, but you do have to be prepared in order to minimize damage. (Item #2) In today's social media climate, the mainstream media is not always as careful as it should be in the rush to be first with the news; how can you cope? (Item #3)

Like it or lump it, Twitter has become a key tool in crisis management; better learn to manage it. (Item #4) Businesses, brands, and organizations, we'll say it again: Get your crisis comms plan ready. (Item #5) What can we learn from the tech companies that made business mistakes and didn't address them immediately? (Item #6)

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