Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Business Continuity Planning

"Expect the best, but prepare for the worst." We've all heard this before, but, as I look at it now, I see how appropriate it is for business continuity planning. After all, we do all the planning and preparing hoping we'll never have to use it. If your plans aren't quite up to snuff, this week's articles should help make you "better safe than sorry."

This article gives you a look at the role of HR in business continuity. (Item #1) The most effective organizations will be able to leverage highly available services to improve service uptime, improve the organizational climate for IT staff, and better serve the organization's stakeholders. (Item #2) Here are 10 tips to help you be a more effective business continuity planner. (Item #3)

Business continuity planning is really a form of insurance to minimize the danger of losing your business. (Item #4) How do you calculate the real cost of business downtime? (Item #5) Business interruption insurance should play an important role in funding business recovery. (Item #6)

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