Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Meetings & Events

It has been said that Murphy was a meeting planner. If you are in charge of events for your organization, you know it is true. I am sure you have experienced meetings where anything that could go wrong did; were you prepared enough? It is true you cannot plan for everything, but the more planning you do the better you will be able to handle just about anything that happens. This issue can help you plan for the unthinkable.  

To help insure you stage a successful event, it helps to pay attention to a famous quote. (Item #1) To understand the risk and exposure they and their companies face, experts say, event planners must first understand the fundamental difference between emergency preparedness and security — both of which are critical. (Item #2) What can a planner do in a crisis situation to protect their program? Here are four tips. (Item #3)

Meeting planners who have felt the impact of natural disasters on their events say having a contingency plan is no longer optional—it is a must. (Item #4) One disruption that is often hard to predict is a hotel or convention center strike. (Item #5) This checklist of to-dos gives a framework for dealing with potential crises. Here are the basic steps. (Item #6)

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