Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Facility Security & Continuity

Although you have to think of people first in any disaster or disruption, it’s also important to protect our work locations -- our building, our offices. This has become more complicated in recent years as new technologies have become part of facility management and as social media has increased its influence in work locations. Read this week’s articles to learn more about protecting your facility.

A business continuity program goes through several stages during its development and implementation and all can involve the FM in some way. (Item #1) Facility Management should play a crucial role in Business Continuity - they manage the 2nd largest and most consequential business “assets” (after IT) on which day-to-day business operation rely. (Item #2)  Here’s a facility manager's guide to using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and more to make business better. (Item #3)

New equipment and systems may present the need to expand the security operations of a given facility as well. (Item #4) Breaking down a BCP into 10 key steps can help facility professionals develop a plan that will best prepare their organizations to resume normal operations as quickly as possible after disaster strikes.  (Item #5) Emergency Evacuation Planning is something quite specific and should not be mistaken for the more general subject of emergency planning. (Item #6)

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