Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Meetings & Events

What’s the probability that a natural disaster or other disruption will impact your meeting or event? It’s probably greater than you might think - it can happen to you! You need to have a plan for mitigating and/or responding to any kind of disruption that could derail your meeting. This week’s articles can help you with your continuity and disaster response efforts.

Even the threat of a disaster can have a profound impact on meetings and conventions, ranging from the cancellation of flights to the postponement of meetings - here’s why you need a plan. (Item #1) If the worst happens, you’ll be happy to have these four tips on disaster preparedness. (Item #2) Canceling all or part of a convention is a nightmare that no event planner or destination convention organization ever wants to deal with. (Item #3)

How would you deal with these three scenarios? (Item #4) Florida is a popular meeting and event destination; here’s what you need to know to prepare for your next Florida event. (Item #5) The best way to plan for the unexpected at your next event is by having a solid disaster management system in place. (Item #6)

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