Friday, July 15, 2016

Testing/Exercising Your Plan

We probably cannot count the number of times we have said that you cannot rely on a plan that hasn’t been tested – or asked if you want to use a plan for the first time in the midst of a disaster. This week’s articles echo those sentiments and can help you design and implement your own exercises for your various plans.

Just because all the relevant information has been catalogued doesn't mean you can actually recover whatever it is your Plan says you can. (Item #1)   Here’s some advice on how to set up convincing business continuity exercise scenarios. (Item #2)   The only way a company can assure that its BCM arrangements are validated is through exercises. (Item #3)

This article addresses some of the technical challenges faced in end-to-end disaster recovery exercises that attempt a full life cycle of transactions across disaster recovery applications and their dependencies and simulate business activities during the exercises. (Item #4)   Business continuity drills are the key to detect, address, and strengthen that weakest link. (Item #5)   Here are some tried-and-true procedures for business continuity exercises. (Item #6)

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