Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Holiday Issues

Don't panic, but Christmas is only 46 days away, and it's likely your holiday party or other activities will occur during that time. Are you having a party? Sponsoring some sort of charity activity? Whatever you do, you certainly don't want anything that happens to result in legal actions against the organization. This week's articles provide answers to how to handle various aspects of the holiday gathering and how to avoid problems.

Here are some simple things your company can do to foster a warm and friendly culture between coworkers all while contributing positively to people in need. (Item #1)   As a result of a lot of research, specific low-risk drinking guidelines have been created to minimize the negative impact of alcohol use. (Item #2)   The following article offers some guidelines from the Society for Human Resource Management for safe company holiday parties. (Item #3)

Here are the top four reasons you should consider having a holiday party this year.  (Item #4)   To avoid or mitigate the risks associated with holiday parties, you should give some thoughtful consideration to your office holiday party plans. (Item #5)   Here are some top tips for avoiding a New Years' headache from your holiday party. (Item #6)

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