Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Testing & Training

Having a business continuity plan that has not been tested might do you more harm than good. Everything can fall apart if people don't know what they are supposed to do or elements of the plan don't work. Soooo... we really cannot say this enough: Test your plan and train your people so everyone will have confidence that the plan will work.

Having a team well versed in the initial steps of the BC/DR plan will help to ensure an effective and early response. (Item #1)   A plan is not a plan until it has been tested; it is only theory. (Item #2)   Here are six BC/DR best practices from the trenches that will keep you moving forward no matter what outage, incident, or disaster may strike. (Item #3)

Are you part of the 70% of companies that do NOT test their business continuity plans? It's time, then. (Item #4)   Business continuity drills are the key to detect, address, and strengthen that weakest link. (Item #5)   Here's how to put your plan to the test. (Item #6)

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