Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Cloud Computing

July 26, 2017 - In a matter of years, cloud computing has become an option for many companies and for many reasons. Yet there are still only a fairly small percentage of folks who have parked their data in the cloud. Is it right for your company? This week we look at a number of issues that might affect your decision, from strategies to data risks to what to do if your provider goes bust to how to select that provider in the first place.

From cost containment to hybrid strategies, CIOs are getting more creative in taking advantage of the latest offerings and the cloud’s economies of scale. (Item #1)   There are at least six reasons where it would indeed be appropriate to avoid considering the use of a public cloud service, and instead, only store certain data in privately controlled data centers. (Item #2)   A recent survey identified the top cloud computing risks that concern IT professionals; the top three center on the threat of unauthorized access and security. (Item #3)

Cloud computing has become a staple of most enterprise computing environments, but CIOs are still sweating over whether to use one or more infrastructure-as-a-service provider. (Item #4)   The biggest risk in using a cloud provider is if they turn off the lights and go bust. (Item #5)   Here are some things to consider in order to select the right cloud service provider. (Item #6)

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