Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Employee Issues & Outcomes

August 30, 2017 - We all have seen how issues with some employees have resulted in shootings and other disruptions in the workplace. There have been eight workplace killings so far in 2017. Every employer should be invested in preventing such incidents and also in preventing issues that can land them in court for harassment and other problems. Hiring and firing have their own issues and can lead to problems down the road. Also, tracking employees online might cause issues. This week's articles provide some hints on how to deal with these issues and, hopefully, to avoid trouble.

Every organization has problem employees; how do you deal with yours? (Item #1)   What's your policy for documenting employee issues? (Item #2)  These are the most common employee issues and a few tips on how to manage them. (Item #3)

Here are some tips on avoiding employment land mines. (Item #4)   Are you prepared to deal with threats of violence in the workplace right now? (Item #5)   Here are some issues with tracking employees' online activities. (Item #6)

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