Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Reputation Management

March 7, 2018 - How do you monitor your online reputation? How important is it to you? Maintaining a good reputation is critical to your business, as a bad reputation can adversely impact your bottom line. This week, we've gathered some articles to help you monitor, manage and protect your corporate reputation.

In this article, the author explores 10 essential keys for senior executives and directors to consider in managing reputation risk. (Item #1)  Here are five ways that you can protect your company's reputation on social media. (Item #2)  Understanding reputation management will give you insight on how it can affect your placement in Google rankings. (Item #3)

The author has come up with a no-bullsh*t guide of best practices for reputation management. Follow these tips and chances are you can mitigate some of the damages. (Item #4)  It is much more effective to proactively build and maintain a company's online reputation as opposed to going into recovery mode when bad press hits the Web. (Item #5)  This book is a research-based toolbox to be used for effective corporate communications and creating a positive reputation. (Item #6)

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