Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Cloud Computing

June 26, 2019 - Cloud computing is growing by leaps and bounds and will continue to do so through the year and longer. If you haven't jumped on the cloud computing bandwagon yet, there are some benefits as well as risks you should be aware of. This week's articles provide some info on the state of cloud computing, the trends we are seeing, and the dangers lurking out there.

As multicloud strategies, 5G and containerization take hold, cloud computing is set to see some major disruption. (Item #1)   A Forrester study predicts that enterprises must respond nimbly to address changing cloud markets and technologies. (Item #2)   While today, it sometimes seems like we've seen the main components of cloud operations and all that's left to do is optimize them, history tells us that's not the case. (Item #3)

In its second decade, cloud computing has become a mature and reliable technology, but we still have only scratched the surface of the cloud's full potential as an enabler of digital business transformation. (Item #4)   The white paper points out that cloud-based solutions can reap great rewards but also harbor hidden dangers. (Item #5)   Chances are if you are in the events industry you have used AV at your events. There are proactive steps you can take to protect your data in the cloud. (Item #6)

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