Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Business Continuity Planning -- Whether It's Weather Related or Not

September 11, 2019 - Business continuity planning requires knowledge of all the risks you could encounter, especially -- at this time of year -- hurricanes. This week's articles can help you better prepare to be able to mitigate the risks and recover from weather-related and other disasters.

Business Continuity Planning for Hurricanes Facilities also need to have a comprehensive plan in place that outlines what they'll do after the fire trucks, hazmat team, utility companies or camera crews leave. (Item #1)   The Disaster Recovery Institute's 2019 Predictions Report included the following disasters and major disruptions. (Item #2)   Here's how to create a business continuity plan that gives your business the best chance of surviving such a disaster. (Item #3)

 The best way to do mitigate hurricane disaster? Have a plan. Here are our five best business continuity tips for hurricane season. (Item #4)   There are several resources freely available to help organizations adapt to climate change, such as those listed in the references of this guide and in  the further reading sections of each chapter. (Item #5)   Here's what to know about hurricanes to create a preparedness plan. (Item #6)

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