Monday, October 19, 2009

Mass Notification Systems to expedite their response to crises.

In the last several years, business, government, and education continuity planners have begun to us mass notification systems to expedite their response to crises, using technology to deliver recorded messages to large numbers of people in a very short time via telephone, email, pager, fax, PDA, and other channels. The education community in particular has gotten on board this bandwagon, and their efforts offer us a lot of good information on the subject of mass notification. This issue also point out that establishing best practices should be the first step in setting up a mass notification system.

If you've been wondering how to select a mass notification system, here's help. (Item #1)   There are two elements to a comprehensive mass notification system: real-time public address and electronic notification. (Item #2)   Technology alone won't save the day when a crisis hits. (Item #3) 

Organizations must be prepared to respond quickly to events that interrupt their operations. (Item #4)   Wondering about the effectiveness of various kinds of emergency alerts? Check out this cheat sheet. (Item #5)   If you'd like a little information on how mass notification systems began, the technology they use, etc., read this. (Item #6)  

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