Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Here are some very off-beat disasters - would your plan handle them.

Halloween is but a few days off, and the first article this week seemed to be appropriate for the season. But it then got us thinking about how we would plan for some disruptions or disasters that simply aren’t predictable – and may never be. This could be a good test for your business continuity plan… how could you adapt what you have to respond to some of the situations in this week’s issue?

You haven’t planned for a zombie invasion, have you? (Item #1) This molasses manufacturer might have wished he had a disaster plan. (Item #2) Should we be preparing for a mega tsunami to hit the east coast? (Item #3)

The dog ate my homework is nothing compared to what happened to some of this data. (Item #4) Was this really the last great subsistence crisis in the US? (Item #5) How likely is it that you have considered destruction from a meteorite in your business continuity plan? (Item #6)

Read the entire issue at http://www.attainium.net/newsbriefs

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