Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Corporate Identity Theft and Data Breaches

Identity theft impacts businesses and consumers, and it’s important that businesses institute safeguards to prevent identity theft – and its high cost. The articles in this issue provide some tips and best practices for helping you prevent breaches of the information you store.

The negative effects of identity theft or a breach of information to a business can have long term and far reaching ramifications. (Item #1) One of the keys to preventing identity theft, therefore, is to safeguard personal information within the workplace, whether it's a business, government agency, or nonprofit. (Item #2) Do the benefits of biometrics outweigh the risks? (Item #3)

Guidance from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) can help you make smart, sound decisions if personal information you hold is compromised. (Item #4) Your health as well as your finances can be compromised by medical identity theft. (Item #5) Best practices for handling social security numbers are provided by the California Office of Privacy Protection. (Item #6)

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