Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Employees and Business Continuity

We always talk about the fact that our people are our most important asset. Now is the time to assess how well we are handling this asset and to consider the employee’s role in business continuity – or, as one of this week’s articles calls it – the Employee Factor. There seem to be almost no end to the employee issues you are required to deal with; hiring, firing, privacy, safety, and ethics are only some of these. Check out this week’s articles to see if you’ve missed any critical steps you should be taking to ensure your employees’ well being and that of your business.

What would happen to your business if your workers were unable to perform their jobs? (Item #1) Here are four reasons that IT executives charged with BC/RM/DR need to consider their employees and operations heavily in their plan. (Item #2) The author discusses four areas of human resource consideration in business continuity planning. (Item #3)

There are three key issue drivers for strategic workforce planning. (Item #4) Are your employees aware of the ethical implications of their actions? (Item #5) If you plan on deploying security cameras in your organization, please communicate with your employees and explain the new initiative to them. (Item #6)

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