Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mass Notification Systems

When a disaster is imminent – or already upon you – how do you meet the need to communication to everyone in your facility or on your campus? Today’s answer to this challenge is the mass notification system (MNS). This week’s articles provide information on planning for and selecting a MNS that meets your needs.

Asking a few basic questions can help you the mass notification system that is appropriate for your organization. (Item #1) To better protect their corporate offices, industrial complex, or college campus, facility managers have begun asking questions about MNS technology and its varied applications. (Item #2) This article offers several steps in MNS – starting with planning. (Item #3)

Because a single form of communications might not be sufficient, an MNS must be versatile. (Item #4) A fire alarm system is a life-saving necessity for an organization; but is it enough? (Item #5) A solid understanding of mass-notification systems can help you evaluate which system will best meet your organization's needs. (Item #6)

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