Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Compliance and Governance

Regulatory compliance and corporate governance many times go hand-in-hand, working together to keep organizations out of trouble with the government and, therefore, preventing disruptions that could damage reputation and the ability to continue operations. Every year, it seems, brings more concerns about compliance; regulators are now warning about social networking and its potential for problems. While it is important to ensure that compliance and governance are always on your radar, even 100% compliance isn’t the answer to keeping you 100% safe from disruptions.

Is management been placing too much emphasis on compliance? (Item #1) Businesses will not only have to monitor social networking communications, but they will have to capture the traffic, audit it and log it. (Item #2) Do you have all your corporate-governance ducks in a row? (Item #3)

Here are some steps that make the difference between a positive or negative audit experience. (Item #4) ISO 31000 is a standard to help public, private or community enterprises, associations, groups or individuals manage risk effectively. (Item #5) What do you know about the Red Flag Rule? (Item #6)

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