Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Plan Testing and Exercising

How often should you test your business continuity plan? As often as possible and as much of it as possible. Unless the plan is brought out and tested on a regular basis, there is the risk that some things won’t work if a real emergency does occur. If your plan needs testing, this week’s articles focus on the importance of testing and provide information on how to do it.

A large percentage of organizations do not test their business continuity plans. (Item #1) There’s nothing like a crisis to show you what’s not working. (Item #2) The key components of an effective exercise can be broken down into three simple activities. (Item #3)

You won’t know if your plan works unless you test it. (Item #4) Here are some sample table-top exercise scenarios to help you put your plans into action. (Item #5) Exercises and tests offer different ways of identifying deficiencies in IT plans, procedures, and training. (Item #6)

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