Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Reputation Management

People are talking about you, and today’s search engines have the ability to unearth whatever they are saying. They are a tool that everyone uses – employers to check on potential employees, potential employees to check on potential employers, investors to check on a company’s employment health, potential members to check on organizations they may want to join. It’s critical, therefore, that every organization and individual know how to check their online reputation and to do it often. This week’s articles can help you do just that.

Unfortunately, perceptions – and your online reputation -- are not always based on fact, but on opinion, conjecture and rumors. (Item #1) If you don’t control your brand online, someone else will. (Item #2) In a world that grows more digital by the day, a new adage has emerged: "You are who Google says you are." (Item #3)

Online reputation management is becoming big business, as companies look to track what’s being said and measure the success of their social media marketing strategies. (Item #4) Proactive PR is important for online reputation management, because it means you are creating positive search engine results, which can keep negative search results from ever appearing. (Item #5) This post outlines – and provides links to -- some of the free tools available for monitoring your online reputation. (Item #6)

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