Wednesday, February 16, 2011

No Business Continuity Plan ???

It's hard to believe that some organizations still do not have business continuity plans. Odds are that this lack of planning will catch up with them at some point. If you're one of those companies, or if your plan is outdated, check out this week’s articles and get busy safeguarding the future of your organization.

Begin planning now to ensure your survivability. (Item #1) Here are some steps for small businesses to take in creating a BCP. (Item #2) Continuity planning is something that many companies fail to plan for. (Item #3)

It’s more likely that a commonplace event will cause your disaster than any kind of cataclysmic event. (Item #4) Where does BCP report in your organization? (Item #5) Do you know how much a BCP would be worth to your organization? (Item #6)

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