Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Workplace Violence

One in six violent crimes occurs in the workplace, according to the most recent Department of Justice study on crime. The workplace is the scene of almost 1 million violent crimes every year, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics.  About 10 percent--or 100,000--of these violent workplace crimes involve offenders armed with handguns. With numbers like this, you can’t assume your workplace is safe. Read this week’s articles to see how you prepare and perhaps avoid workplace violence.

HR is both the target of and its first line of defense against workplace violence. (Item #1) How do you prevent workplace violence eruptions? (Item #2) A no-tolerance policy and early intervention are the keys to preventing workplace violence. (Item #3)

A comprehensive workplace violence plan will include three critical elements. (Item #4) Violence in the workplace impacts all employees; what can you do after the fact to deal with their emotions? (Item #5) Here are some workplace violence statistics that may open your eyes to the scope of the problem. (Item #6)

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