Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Crisis Communications

Just because you have a communications strategy or component in your business continuity plan, don't assume you have a crisis communications plan that will work when you need it. There's communication... and there's communication. How much do you say? Who says it? When do you say it? Does everyone know what the plan is? Below are some articles that can help you transform your communication plan into a crisis communication plan.

Despite the addition of social media to crisis communication tools, some things have not changed. (Item #1) Your emergency communication strategy is like a fire drill for your communication plan. (Item #2) Business continuity plans lacking a communications ingredient are plans with a gaping hole. (Item #3)

Mishandling information during a crisis could result in a damaged reputation as well as lawsuits. (Item #4) The best of communication plans are less effective if they don't have effective emergency communication built in. (Item #5) This effective crisis communication strategy is known as A-C-T N-O-W. (Item #6)

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