Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Our Annual Halloween Edition

Halloween is but a few days away, leading us once again to consider strange and unusual disasters that could befall us. No matter how far-fetched these incidents may seem, they do spur us to consider what we would do in such situations. Can you imagine how you would respond to these unimaginable events? How your crisis team would respond? Perhaps you need to put them to the test and encourage them to think about your BC plan and what adjustments they might make respond to some of the situations below.

Even the CDC is getting in on the fun... here's their guide to staying safe in a zombie attack. (Item #1) If you think zombies aren't real, perhaps you should read about these zombie outbreaks in the US. (Item #2) The University of Florida's disaster exercise featuring a zombie attack could a good test for your team. (Item #3)

Is Halloween unlucky? This awful disaster on Halloween night 1963 in Indianapolis might make you think so. (Item #4) In 1918, Halloween occurred in the midst of the Spanish flu pandemic; many cities had no Halloween. (Item #5) A sinkhole in Guatemala swallowed a 3-story building... what could you possibly do to prepare for such a disaster? (Item #6)


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