Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Emergency Supplies

Just in case you have to shelter in place at home or at work, or evacuate your premises, do you know what you need to have available for survival? Even if there is no immediate threat, there is always the chance that weather will give use reason to leave or stay in place and we need to know what to have on hand so we can get through whatever happens. In this week’s articles, you’ll find some checklists and also a sampling of suppliers. (These companies are not necessarily supported by Attainium, they are only included to provide some information about the types of supplies available.)

The Red Cross is always a good first stop when you’re figuring out what you need. (Item #1) What you need for winter survival -- tips from mountaineers. (Item #2) Here is one supplier of emergency items with an assessment to help you figure out what you need. (Item #3)

We all know what it’s like to be in the dark when the power goes out; here are some products that can provide light and communication. (Item #4) Food is another important survival component... this site offers products (also available from other suppliers) to address the nutrition challenge. (Item #5) Here’s one of many sites that offer shelter-in-place kits in case you end up having to keep employees in the building for any length of time. (Item #6) And lastly, a short list of companies that provide emergency supplies.  (Item #7)

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