Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Holiday Issues

With Thanksgiving just a couple of weeks away, workplace holiday celebrations/observations are just around the corner... and so is the potential for all kinds of problems. Have you given thought to exactly how your organization will celebrate the holidays this year? Will there be a party? Workplace decorations? Can you avoid ruffling feathers over religious issues, party drinking, and other things that can cause you legal trouble? Whether you have thought this out or not, take a look at this week's articles for help.

What decorations will you hang and exactly what holiday(s) will your party celebrate? (Item #1) Are holiday parties worth the potential risks? (Item #2) Should you serve liquor at your holiday party and, if you're the employee, should you drink? (Item #3)

Does your vacation policy ensure you won't be understaffed during the holidays? (Item #4) If liquor is on your party agenda, exactly what are your liabilities? (Item #5) Today's diverse workplaces often make it difficult to make holiday events appeal to all. (Item #6)

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