Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Shelter in Place

This week, shots once again were heard on the campus of Virginia Tech, and a shelter-in-place (SiP) situation followed. We don't know if they had SiP supplies in all the campus buildings, because the situation fortunately did not last very long. But the incident should give us all pause to consider how prepared we are for such a situation. This week's links will take you to sites that will help you plan and prepare.

The CDC offers advice on how to shelter in place. (Item #1) These helpful sites can make your SiP planning easier. (Item #2) This might or might not work for you, but the federal government's new snowstorm policy is worth considering. (Item #3)

ChicagoFirst offers best practice guidelines for sheltering in place. (Item #4) has supplies and tools for sheltering in place. (Item #5) also offers a line of kits and information for an SiP situation. (Item #6)

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