Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Winter Weather Preparedness

You can't do anything about the weather except be prepared for it... with winter just weeks away we should be thinking about those preparations. Snow on the roads and the roof, freezing precipitation, blizzards and high winds can impact everything from product distribution to whether employees can get to work. The potential impacts of weather are as varied as the organizations they affect; weather affects everyone. This week's articles can help you with preparing to weather any storms.

Start now to plan for winter weather as it affects your building and operations. (Item #1) The potential impacts of winter weather are discussed here, as well as suggestions to maintain business continuity. (Item #2) Even new construction and renovations can be impacted by severe winter weather. (Item #3)

Power failures are always a possible result of winter storms. (Item #4) Winter weather covers a range of conditions; are you prepared for all of them? (Item #5) The flu can have a great impact on some organizations; here are some tips to minimize its impact on yours. (Item #6)

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