Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Meetings & Events

If your job includes planning for and/or running meetings and events for your organization, you might want to pay careful attention to these articles. If your continuity plans don't cover everything they should, your organization could find itself on the wrong end of a lawsuit. Even worse, its reputation could be seriously damaged.

It's a new era for contracts & liabilities. (Item #1) Remember that a misstep for your nonprofit may damage not only your revenue stream, but also your fine name. (Item #2) Evolving business gives rise to new ethical dilemmas. Be sure you're not saying one thing and doing another. (Item #3)

Liability issues should be of very significant concern to all planners and suppliers. (Item #4) The safety and security of attendees is your responsibility; here's how you can reduce risk (Item #5) Identifying and assessing the numerous risks involved in an event can be an overwhelming prospect. (Item #6)

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