Wednesday, February 1, 2012

While some folks say the economy is improving, it’s improving slowly. For many organizations, this means cutting back on spending on business continuity and disaster recovery. You might want to think again, however, once you read this week’s articles. It seems that the right way to approach this economic impact is to recognize that BC is more important than ever in these difficult times and to learn how to maximize the impact of what you spend.

Slashing the BC budget can result in serious damage to your organization in the long run. (Item #1) Instead of cutting costs, focus on how to get better return on what you’re already investing. (Item #2) Upgrading plans and testing procedures are the right things to do in a recession. (Item #3)

Greater security for your networks can improve productivity. (Item #4) You can’t only spend on the most glaring weaknesses; hackers will find the lesser ones you thought you could live with. (Item #5) How do some BC pros stay relevant, even in tough economic times? (Item #6)

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