Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Cyber Crime

Cyber crime covers a broad area, everything from hacking government web sites to cyber terrorism, but some of the most common cyber crimes are committed against businesses and individuals. Many organizations simply have not made cyber safety a priority. If you read the articles below, you’ll see that this should be moved way up the “to do” list, and you’ll also find some ways you can begin to protect yourself against cyber crime.

Cybergeddon is a huge threat facing us today. (Item #1) Cybercrime is among some of the most insidious—and profitable—of crimes. (Item #2) Social media networks are playing a role in cybercrime. (Item #3)

Cyber crimes can be thwarted through a comprehensive prevention and detection strategy. (Item #4) Small businesses must create a culture of security among their staff/clients/customers. (Item #5) We now face organized attempts to steal intellectual property in whatever form it may take. (Item #6)

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