Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Meetings & Events

If you fall into the trap of thinking nothing can go wrong with your event, remember Murphy’s Law. Because it is true that anything that can go wrong will... at any time. You may have been lucky up to now, but that luck won’t hold forever if you haven’t done everything possible to mitigate your risk and planned for something going wrong. Take a look at this week’s articles for some good hints on what to do to help prevent Murphy from prevailing.

Do you have a plan B for each of your events? (Item #1) Explore two of the vital 10 steps to safety. (Item #2) Do you have these five aspects of event safety under control? (Item #3)

Here are steps you can take to keep your attendees from overindulging and to reduce liquor-liability risk. (Item #4) Read about the best solutions to avoid branding or public image risk and payment risk. (Item #5) If you’re not already taking the steps in this checklist, you should be. (Item #6)

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