Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Testing and Training

One of the reasons that disaster recovery and business continuity plans fail is they often are not updated, tested, or employees are not trained in how to use them. Don't be one of those organizations that only becomes a believer in testing after a disaster in which plans didn't work. Heed the advice in this week's articles and rest assured that your plan will do what it's designed for.

If you want to be ready for a disaster, you must test your plan. (Item #1) Can your organization take a lickin' and keep on tickin'? (Item #2) Testing your plan requires management support, time for preparation and execution, funding, careful planning... here's how. (Item #3)

Simulations are not a science. In fact simulations are, for better or for worse, an art. (Item #4) Hurricane season is upon us, and you should be asking yourself if your Disaster Recovery (DR) plan can help you recover if needed. (Item #5) Disaster recovery planning is an ongoing, never ending process that should include quarterly reviews and annual tests. (Item #6)

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