Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Reputation Management

In recent years, occupants of the C-suite are clearly focused on the reputation of their organizations. If your reputation is damaged, your company could be as well... investors won't invest; the most qualified applicants will pass you by; your position among the competition erodes, your top employees could desert you, and you could use customers, members, and other stakeholders. If you haven't been paying close attention to your organization's reputation, this week's articles could guide you on the road to reputation management.

Don't put your good reputation back-of-mind as you deal with day-to-day demands. (Item #1) Managing your organizational reputation online should be a prime consideration. (Item #2) Are you familiar with the six new realities of corporate reputation? (Item #3)

Here is some background on reputation in the digital age plus some basic principles for organizations of all types looking to manage and grow their reputations today. (Item #4) Here are those critical steps to heed to avoid social media crises. (Item #5) Here are some of what's trending in corporate reputation. (Item #6)

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