Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Sheltering in place may become necessary in many types of situations, and every workplace should be prepared to do so. A shelter-in-place incident may not require plastic on the windows and duct tape around the doors; it may be a storm or other disruption in which authorities need people off the streets. This issue discusses many aspects of sheltering in place, including a sample plan that you can adapt to your use.

Knowing what to do under specific circumstances is an important part of being prepared to shelter-in-place. (Item #1) In an emergency, people may not be able to rely on their normal systems of communication. (Item #2) Choosing to take shelter is necessary in many emergencies. (Item #3)

These questions are designed to stimulate thinking about important issues regarding sheltering in place. (Item #4) Sheltering in place in your workplace is similar to sheltering in place at home, but there are some significant differences. (Item #5) You can buy ready-made shelter-in-place kits or make your own… good information here to help. (Item #6)

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