Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Communicating in a Crisis

Communicating in a Crisis

Crises are tricky situations and your crisis communication plan is the best way to navigate a crisis. We have all seen good and bad examples of crisis communication in recent years and can learn from them. We also can learn from these articles covering everything from making the plan to training employees to dealing with the media.

When crisis strikes, remember these seven rules. (Item #1) A well-trained employee will know not to answer any questions posed by the press regarding a crisis unless they have been titled as a spokesperson for that crisis. (Item #2) Releasing important information before it has fully been assessed can come back to bite you. (Item #3)

FEMA provides direction for developing a crisis communications plan. (Item #4) This article goes through all the particulars of how crisis communications plans work. (Item #5) Here are the 12 major principles of crisis communications. (Item #6)

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