Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Social Media and Business Continuity

More organizations today are recognizing the benefits of using social media as part of their business continuity strategy. Have you considered using this tool? If so, have you determined what your internal & external communications needs are and a strategy for using the many social networking tools out there? That is the focus of this issue... they shed light of social media and may answer questions you have been wanting to ask.

There are areas of business continuity planning that would certainly be enhanced by applying social media. (Item #1) Social media guidelines are a means to mitigate threats and embrace the opportunities presented by social media. (Item #2) Social media is not going away... we might as well put it to good use. (Item #3)

Social media are most valuable during times of crisis, giving BC planners the opportunity to help educate and lead the deployment of tools such as Twitter in the enterprise. (Item #4) Expert offers tips on assessing your use of social media and creating a strategy. (Item #5) Social media can be an important HR tool. (Item #6) 

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