Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Testing, Training & Evaluation of Your Business Continuity Plan

You will never know if your BC plan is really complete and can get the job done, you have to exercise it. Completing the writing/development of the plan is not the finish line; it is really just the start of the process of ensuring the plan will work. This issues focus is on conducting tests and exercises to help ensure you can count on the plan when needed.

Just because it seems to work on paper, who knows if it will work in practice? (Item #1) How do you know how much testing is enough? (Item #2) We will say it again – you do not want to find out the flaws in the plan on the day of the disaster. (Item #3)

The best plan will not work if staff is not aware of their roles and have practiced them. (Item #4) You can increase the value and decrease the cost of effective exercises. (Item #5) Have you considered an audit of your BC plan? (Item #6)

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