Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Business Continuity Planning

The quote this week reminds us that no matter how much we plan, update, train and test, we will never be done. Most of us know this and are aware that a plan is a dynamic thing... and it only works if it keeps up with changes in the organization and the physical, political, and business environments. We hope that this issue will help you take a new look at your plan and get busy on that all-important updating.

Two companies took different paths; that made all the difference. (Item #1) Here are a few reasons why business continuity plans fail, and how to avoid them. (Item #2) Despite the close attention paid to the details of methodologies and best practices, business continuity plans often are not as successful as they should be. (Item #3)

Here is a business continuity planning checklist that will keep you on track. (Item #4) In a disaster, few people care about the definition of terms, but one sure way to get through the chaos of losing data and facilities is to know the difference between recovery and continuity. (Item #5) This guide will help you to identify potential risks, make preparations for emergencies and test how your business is likely to cope in a disaster. (Item #6)

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