Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Employee Issues

Employee Issues

The hiring, firing and retention of employees often can be a minefield of potential problems and liability issues, and it can be difficult to get through these processes without a few explosions. Your best protection against these issues is knowledge of the potential problems and how to avoid them. This issue focuses on several areas of risk and offer insight and expertise on how to avoid them.

There are steps employers can take to help mitigate the risk, or at least help create a defense, if a former or current employee should bring an EPL lawsuit. (Item #1) Potential legal risks are lurking right around the corner when employers make a hiring decision based on information on a social networking website. (Item #2) Employees play an important role in network security; here are five ways you can educate your employees about it. (Item #3)

Is workplace bullying the next big employer liability issue? (Item #4) What is the impact of workplace bullying on your business or department? (Item #5) Based on their experience and observations, experts have observed, over and over, the 10 security gaps identified here and provide advice for addressing them. (Item #6)

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