Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Getting Management Buy-In

If you were working in an organization that had no contingency plan or any kind or, at best, only an outdated plan, how could you convince senior management that it is necessary to make a plan or to update the plan you have? This is a problem in many organizations in spite of the plentiful evidence in today's world that such plans are necessary. This week's articles offer help in getting management buy-in.

You need to help management see the value business continuity planning brings to the organization. (Item #1) The first step in your BC strategy is getting management buy-in. (Item #2) Buy-in is enhanced by showing how the bottom line is affected by the BC plan. (Item #3)

Why isn't executive buy-in enough? (Item #4) Here's a unique approach to getting buy-in… and it would work outside law firms also. (Item #5) Management involvement could be as important – or even more so - than buy-in. (Item #6)

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