Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Workplace Violence

While mass shootings make headlines, the majority of workplace violence episodes do not make the news. Each day, employees and managers deal with incidents of assault, domestic violence, harassment, stalking, and threats, as well as physical and emotional abuse that never make the news. Many of these, in fact, are never even reported to company management or to the police. While estimates of the cost of such violence are not exact, estimates run into the billions of dollars. How do you handle workplace violence in your organization? Here is some information that sheds light on workplace violence – what it is and what to do about it.

Workplace violence in America has been on the rise in recent years. (Item #1) What you do post-incident can sow the seeds for preventing workplace violence. (Item #2) A workplace violence policy can go a long way to reducing the risk. (Item #3)

A mediator could help prevent conflict from turning into violence in the workplace. (Item #4) Here are steps employers can take to evaluate risk and prevent workplace violence. (Item #5) As recent workplace homicides indicate, having proactive workplace violence prevention and violence response plans will ensure a better coordination between security and human resources; here are 10 ways to prevent escalation of workplace violence. (Item #6)

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