Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Employee Issues

There are a huge number of employee issues that can impact the continuity of any organization. They can be legal issues, financial issues, bad hiring practices, failure to deal with problem employees, and record handling to name a few. Then, of course, there is the concern about how to handle employees in a disaster and after it is over. This issue discusses many ways you can handle these situations and avoid employee problems.

The human resource part of business recovery is a vital link between the employees that produce the recovery and the plan that guides it. (Item #1) IBHS offers guidance about how to fully integrate the human factor into disaster preparedness. (Item #2) Here are practical tips for managers at all levels of the corporate hierarchy to help ensure effective employee communication during a crisis. (Item #3)

A business disaster is not just about dollars and cents or profit and loss; it is also about the human capital invested in the company. (Item #4) Deal with a problem employee sooner rather than later – before the problem affects your company's performance or reputation. (Item #5) To keep or not to keep (employee records), that is the question. (Item #6)

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