Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Business Continuity Trends for 2014

None of us knows what’s in store for 2014, but plenty of experts have identified trends that will affect business continuity and disaster recovery this year. If you’re contemplating updating or changing your plans, this week’s articles may provide insight into how to be better prepared.

The article describes six emerging technology trends that will need consideration during 2014. (Item #1) What changes do organizations see in the way they handle business continuity in 2014? (Item #2) For 2014, Control Risks has identified a number of factors that will cause concern for companies, no matter which continent they do business in. (Item #3)

Booz Allen has compiled areas of focus for its annual list of the “Top Financial Services Cyber Security Trends for 2014.” (Item #4) What challenges threaten to impact on the integrity of enterprise IT systems during the year ahead?  (Item #5) From increasingly sophisticated DDoS attacks to stuxnets to insider threats, companies have plenty to worry about when it comes to enterprise security in 2014. (Item #6)

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