Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Insider Threats to Business Continuity

Insiders are possibly the most dangerous threat to business continuity. Organizations today are more vulnerable to such attacks, which are more difficult to detect. It stands to reason, therefore, that your business continuity plan should look at the risks of insider threats and how to deal with them. This week’s articles can be helpful toward that end.

Ericka Chickowski named five lessons learned from an FBI presentation at this year’s RSA Conference, which gives us some sobering food for thought. (Item #1) Are you ready for the conscientious objector in your midst as well as wearable technology? (Item #2) While the motivations are usually the same, there are three distinct, but different, types of insiders that can pose a threat to your organization's security. (Item #3)

For more than a decade, researchers have studied the impact of malicious insiders; the unintentional insider threat has only recently come under scrutiny. (Item #4) The CERT top 10 list for winning the battle against insider threats offers insight into the issue. (Item #5) This report identifies widespread concerns and how they can be addressed. (Item #6)

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